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Princess Diana sporty chic style

Why sporty chic is Princess Diana's style legacy

The People's Princess

Princess Diana was known for two things: being the People's Princess and her impeccable sporty chic looks. These two might have more in common with each other than you would initially think. One of the things that made Diana known all over the world as The People's Princess and Queen of Hearts, was her relatableness.

The way she touched people's hearts by showing her personality and her willingness - and need to - step down from her royal pedestal to be next to the people. By showing she was 'one of us' she won over everyone's heart by just being herself. Something that was unique and ground-breaking within the British Royal Family. Known for their stiff upper lip, led by decades old royal protocols.


Voice of the voiceless

Lady Di's charm was a breath of fresh air within an outdated institution. Her empathy en vulnerability spoke to people, who saw a person not afraid to show her real struggles of living within the walls of the monarchy.

Most of all, people felt they could relate to her because of her natural ability to connect to them. Princess Diana had a talent for showing her true vulnerable self and used that to touch people's lives and give a voice to the voiceless. The way she often felt misunderstood herself, made her able to understand others. By walking though landmines, visiting hospitals and speaking up about aids, she made people in need feel seen and heard.

This made an impact that is still alive today as much as at the time of her tragic accident 25 years ago. Showing how we are all craving human connection and empathy. Especially when in an environment where this is challenged, like the monarchy, and like we all are at times in our own lives. 

Enchanting flair

She had a real enchanting flair to her, which made her the most photographed woman in the world. A flair that certainly shined through in her iconic style, which is so famous they come with special names and stories of their own - The People's Princess is not her only title.

Style phenomenon

Like the real Princess she is, there were statement making gowns, which made for one the most iconic fashion moment's of all time: The Revenge Dress. But those outfits were part of her royal engagements as the Princess of Wales. In her day to day life, it was her love for stylish athleisure which still left a mark on fashion today and makes up her true style legacy. Simultaneously with her need to live a free life, it was after she broke free from the monarchy, when her personal style truly flourished.

Ironically, it was the woman who was meant to be queen of England who made athleisure wear a thing. She was the first public figure to wear cycling shorts with, big sporty sweaters and what is described best as a 'f*-off hand bag'. She wore a Lady Dior, one of a kind crocodile leather Fendi or Gucci Bamboo suede like an anmour to match with her sporty outfit. A perfect match to express your personality instead of following royal rules - but do it in style with a grand designer handbag gesture to match your mood. 

Princess Diana sporty chic style

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